We are proud to be a part of the best parcel shop network!

What is a Hermes Parcel Shop?

With Hermes Parcel Shops, customers can choose, at the point of sale, to have their order delivered to our store. Or, if they are not going to be at home for a delivery, an ‘in-flight’ option is now available through the text and email notifications, by which the delivery can be diverted to our store. Customers can also manage any returns via our store. Hermes continues to innovate, and with many online shoppers using click-and-collect as a delivery option, Hermes Pickup gives retailers another great option for their customers.

My parcel hasn’t been delivered?

You can check on the status of your parcel by entering your 16 digit parcel number into the ‘Track a Parcel’ tool on the Hermes website.

You can find your parcel number on the order confirmation that was emailed to you or by logging in to your account and clicking on ‘Your Shipments’ in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Please allow 7 working days from the date of collection before querying a delivery.

How long will it take to deliver my parcel?

If your parcel was collected by a courier, it will typically reach the recipient within 3-5 working days. If your parcel was dropped off at a ParcelShop or Parcel Locker, it will typically reach the recipient within 2-4 working days.

Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum parcel size?
Parcel damaged?
Rescheduling my parcel delivery
I can’t find my parcel
What is the maximum parcel size?

We can carry parcels that weigh up to 15kg and measure up to 120cm in length, but we cannot accept parcels that weigh more than 15kg.

You also need to ensure that when you enter your parcel measurements into the following calculation, the total is under 225cm.

Parcel damaged?

If your parcel has been lost, damaged or stolen in transit please contact us to submit your claim. To ensure that your claim is resolved quickly and efficiently, please provide the parcel number and recipient postcode as well as any relevant dates or images.

Rescheduling my parcel delivery

Your courier will automatically make three attempts to deliver your parcel, usually on consecutive days, before returning the parcel to the depot to await further instructions. If you have missed the first attempt, they will leave a card notifying you of the next delivery date.

In most cases, your courier will also leave a contact number so you can get in touch directly to reschedule your delivery at no extra charge. However, please note that as our couriers are self-employed they are not obliged to leave a contact number.

Alternatively the courier will leave your parcel in a ‘safe place’. A safe place enables a courier to collect or deliver your parcel even if you’re not in. It should be dry and secured from public access but still easily accessible to our courier. Typical examples include a shed, greenhouse or porch.

I can’t find my parcel

If the courier delivers your parcel when you’re not in, they should leave clear instructions on the calling card stating where they have left it. If your courier has failed to leave instructions or you cannot find the parcel, please contact the courier using the number provided on the card.

If your courier has not left a contact number, please contact us.

Please note that if you ordered your parcel from a High Street retailer that Hermes is delivering on behalf of, we are contractually unable to discuss the location of your parcel directly. Please contact the retailer to discuss any queries you may have.