Prepare for the unexpected with safe and secure backup

Our cloud based backup and storage solutions feature two different packages: Cloud Backup and Cloud Drive.

We are here to help provide a simple, easy to understand backup and storage solution for all your important documents, files, pictures and videos, keeping them safe and available on every device.


Cloud Backup is the easiest way to automatically backup all your files and the program includes:

  • Automatically backs up your files – Making it a breeze to backup all your documents, pictures, music etc.
  • Simple and hassle free – Installs in minutes, automatically backs up your files whilst you work.
  • Safe and secure – Multiple copies of your files are saved with encryption to ensure they are secure.
  • Easily restore your data – Should the worst happen you can start retrieving your data straight away.
  • FREE iPhone, iPad and Android app – View your documents, photos and even listen to your music wherever you are, with an internet connection.
  • Huge amounts of space for all your files – Do you have 4000 GB of files? No problem! We offer truly unlimited amounts of storage space ensuring all of your documents are backed up and kept secure.